Top 10 Electric Skateboards You Can Buy in 2017

As our modern-day technology has definitely advanced, society has truly just about seen it all and very well, experienced quite a bit of excitement from it all too!  Today, we are going to go over the five best electric skateboards for sale on the market! Also do not forget to check out hoverboards for sale we offer on our website.  What Really Is a Skateboard? In simple words skateboard is a sport toy used for activity known as skateboarding. They may be used for activities such as downhill ... [Read More...]

Find out 5 Best Toy Drones for Sale Online in 2017

Drones have been a hot ticket item pretty much since they first came out. While the uses for these versatile items have expanded along with the technology, there are still toy drones out there that are perfect for the younger generation to enjoy for their own amusement. The problem is that drones can be very expensive, so there may be some hesitation when buying them because you are afraid to get something that will not work out well for your kids. Luckily, we have a list for the best 5 toy dron... [Read More...]

Flyboard Air – Real Hoverboard but Not For Sale

In April 2016 we saw a video of a man using a real hoverboard to reach a height of 10,000 FT and Max speed of 96 MPH. Maybe this is not the first time someone used a real life hoverboard to reach such height and speed. Franky Zapata, 36, the developer of this device called Flyboard Air had set a new guinness world record in may 2016. This machine is bit different from the hoverboards we have on our website. We recently contacted Zapata through their official website and asked them few questio... [Read More...]

Swagtron Review – Quality or Low Quality Hoverboards?

2016 was an important year for Swagtron because they released the rebranded and redesigned collection of hoverboards to the market. The new hoverboards were provided with a variety of improvements. Enhanced safety holds a prominent place out of them. During 2015, the hoverboard charges started to go up in flames. The engineers at Swagtron were looking for method to overcome this hassle and that’s where they came up with the revolutionized new design and technology. Swagtron T3 was the first h... [Read More...]

How hoverboards technology works?

A hoverboard is used by people to fly and make their busy lives and schedules more convenient and comfortable. Hoverboards are mainly of three types and the technology and mechanisms used in these three different kinds of hoverboards differ to each other. Omni hoverboard is the most common design and the design that anyone would love to have for the hoverboard. It is basically a small helicopter where you stand on top of the rotors instead of sitting underneath them as in a traditional helicopt... [Read More...]

What we offer?

Are you looking for best hoverboard available in market? has the best range of low priced hoverboard, dozens of designs and colors to select from. We are a hoverboard store that offers you the best and latest variety of new season tech toys at the best prices. The cares for its clients, and this is why it strives to offer them only the best. With us, you get to enjoy the best electric hoverboards for the most affordable prices ever Log on to the website and ... [Read More...]

3 Tips to Buy Real Hoverboard for Sale

There is no doubt that Hoverboards are the hottest selling gadget these days. Someone around you probably wants these desperately.  The popularity of these boards created a ripple in the market. The problem is, manufacturers can’t meet this demand. The problem with this demand is companies now need to cut corners just to maintain their current production. This calls for a few precautions when buying real Hoverboard for sale. Due to ever ending demand, low-mid end brands tend to use low-qualit... [Read More...]

Where to Buy a Hoverboard and How to Buy a Quality One?

The big thing from Future is finally here. The only question is, where to buy a hoverboard? That is a good one. There are many sites online. They are offering good bids. Besides, your local toy store might have one of them. So, you can’t skip them either. Apart from finding a quality source, you need to ensure you are paying for a reliable one. This is the most difficult bit of all. But, it needs security. Otherwise, you are gambling with your money. Considering that, the following are a few t... [Read More...]

Why You Need To Buy Self Balancing Electric Scooter

You can’t put your finger on why self-balancing electric scooter are so famous? You think these are not worth your money. Well, think again. Not everyone will share your thoughts. By the way, have you ever tried these? Obviously not, because if you had, you wouldn’t be bashing them. Therefore, to sort out your issues, we are giving benefits of these scooters with reasons to buy them. Benefits of Self Balancing Electric Scooter These scooters are eco-friendly and quite affordable to mai... [Read More...]

How Back to the Future Hoverboard Impacted the World

Back to the Future Part II. Most people remember this movie today because of its most iconic personal transportation device. Yes, the Back to the Future Hoverboard set up new heights of expectations from the movie. However, after 30 years since the movie was released, the magic of this board is not over yet. Besides, it’s one of the most popular things the trilogy is remembered for. What Evolution it brought This idea of levitation upped the standards of personal transportation. It somewh... [Read More...]