Budget Friendly Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are taking over the off-road cycling scene. You may be wondering what the best entry-level electric mountain bikes are and the pros and cons of each. In this article, we compare three popular choices in the low-price emountain bike segment to help you make an informed decision. Motobecane HAL eBoost M600 Price: Starting at $3,299.95 Purchase From: BikesDirect.com Motobecane HAL eBoost M600 Motobecane HA... [Read More...]

10 Money-Saving Hacks

With the holiday season quickly approaching, all of us could use a bit of extra cash for holiday gifts, travel expenses and general necessities. However, the cold winter months make it really difficult to resist the urge to buy hot drinks, new books, the latest iphone and other stuff on sale. To help you slow down your spending  here are life hacks to slow your spend without sacrificing on the things you really want. 1. Don’t head straight to Amazon for books Amazon rarely has the best prices... [Read More...]

What is The Price of a Real Hoverboard?

Recently we did some research to find the price of a real hoverboard. Many people wonder if a real hoverboard, like the one in the movie Back to the Future 2, even exists. The answer is yes, no, and maybe. No company has yet produced a slim device without an engine, rocket, or propeller that matched the floating skateboard  we saw Marty McFly ride in the movie. Having said that, one company has produced a slim board without an engine, but…. this board needs a magnetic track in the ground ... [Read More...]

Can Your Old Ski Bindings Be Serviced?

Ski bindings, the crucial link between your skis and your boots, require occasional tuning, repair or replacement to keep you and your knees safe on the slopes. If you are buying used skis or if your bindings are getting old or worn out, it’s a good idea to take them to a ski shop to get checked out. The list below shows which ski bindings were indemnified (still serviceable) as of the 2019-2020 ski season. Need new skis or bindings? We recommend you check out the deals on skiessentials.com an... [Read More...]

How to Make Money Charging Scooters

If you live in or near a big city, you’ve likely witnessed the sudden growth of scooter-sharing companies. Several startups, such as Bird, Lime, and Spin, were created to help people get around inexpensively, quickly, and conveniently. One of the major selling points of these scooters is that riders can simply leave them anywhere once they reach their destination, instead of needing to bring them to a charging dock or designated station. As a result, scooter sharing businesses rely on independ... [Read More...]

Top 5 Causes of Butt Itching

Having an occasional anal itch is usually no big deal, but when persistent itchiness develops, it may be a sign of a bigger issue. A constantly itchy butt, referred to as pruritus ani by medical professionals, could be due to one of 5 common causes. If you’re wondering why your butt itches, read on. Top 5 Causes of Anal Itching 1. Allergic Reaction to Flushable Wipes Most flushable wipes are treated with a chemical preservative called MI (methylisothiazolinone) which causes an allergic re... [Read More...]

What Cities Have Scooter-Sharing Services

Where are electric scooters? Ride-sharing is a booming business, but it’s not just limited to cars anymore. Since 2017, dozens of companies around the globe have been popping up to provide electric scooters for commuters, tourists, and anyone else looking for a convenient way to get around town. These fun, easy-to-use scooters are great for sight-seeing trips, quick trips into the city, commuting to work, or getting around campus. Although most electric scooters are limited to 15 MPH in most ... [Read More...]

Unagi Scooter…It’s worth the price

Electric scooters are gaining momentum in busy cities. Services for renting the scooters have a number of drawbacks that are causing more people to turn to personal scooters instead. With sleek style and two power options (250 W single motor of 450 W dual motor), Unagi offers a strong solution for those looking to invest in a personal electric scooter. The Model One – E250 Single Motor is priced at $840 and The Model One – E450 Dual Motor is priced at $990. The scooters are not cheap... [Read More...]

How Hoverboards can be used for Sports and Competition

Hoverboards still have a long way to go. As of now, they don’t really hover and older models have been deemed unsafe. The technology is still advancing and actually, even though we use the term ‘hoverboard’, it usually refers to a self-balancing scooter. The user controls the speed by tilting their feet, and the direction by twisting the pads. It’s a cool toy, but not yet a truly capable machine. As such, hoverboard sports haven’t really taken off yet, but anyone with a hoverboard... [Read More...]

5 Proven Ways to Generate Web Content

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, and increase your business’ revenue is to provide your audience with high-quality content. This article explains the benefits of content (blog posts, articles, guest posts, etc) and the best ways to generate that content.Great Web Content Equals Visitors to Your Site Your readers and users want to see more from your website and your brand than blatant advertising. They want to know that your business is knowledgea... [Read More...]