5 Proven Ways to Generate Web Content

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, and increase your business’ revenue is to provide your audience with high-quality content. This article explains the benefits of content (blog posts, articles, guest posts, etc) and the best ways to generate that content.

Great Web Content Equals Visitors to Your Site

Your readers and users want to see more from your website and your brand than blatant advertising. They want to know that your business is knowledgeable, authentic and trustworthy before they begin to build a relationship with your brand. In-depth content is one of the best ways to build that trust and position your site or brand as a leader.

Consumers also want to know that you offer valuable information. Providing content through a blog, social media posts, or other content marketing strategies can help you develop stronger relationships with potential customers that will translate into website visits and sales. If your website does not produce new content regularly, you will miss out on opportunities to help your business grow as well as all of the other benefits that content marketing has to offer.

Small businesses with blogs can receive as much as 126% more lead growth than those without blogs, and websites with blogs have 55% more website visitors. The more leads and website visitors you have, the greater your potential for increasing your profitability. Content is the key to drawing visitors to your website and encouraging them to return, building brand recognition and establishing brand loyalty. If you do not include high-quality content on your website, not only will you pass up these advantages, but your competitors that use blogs or other ways to provide content will have an upper hand.

In 2018, roughly 77% of internet users reading blogs, you cannot afford not to include content on your website.

The 5 Best Ways to Generate Web Content

Here are a few of the 5 ways to generate content (blogs, articles, white papers, etc) that will attract your target audience:

1) Content Writing Services

We’ve used 5 different affordable content writing services (as known as flat rate blogging services), and they are great to work with. They write blog posts, web copy, articles, make infographics and more. You give them the topic and the word count and a few days later you have ready-to-publish content, written by skilled writers. There’s no need to find, hire, or coordinate. The content service we use most and like best is Content Cucumber. With Content Cucumber, you pay a flat rate for unlimited content requests and you get daily turn-around. Their team of writers and editors are knowledgeable and can tackle almost any topic. Use coupon code: 30OFFCC for $30 Off your order.

Imagine having a dedicated content writer that only costs you less than $20 per day? With a service like you can update your blog with high-quality content as often as once per day and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

2) Use a SEO Service

Using an SEO service can help you improve your SEO and create great content. SEO services like the HOTH help you create a SEO strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs. In addition to managing your SEO, helping with link building, and helping your brand’s presence and reputation, the HOTH also offers content management tools. With HOTH Blogger, you can take advantage of their blog writing service. This service guarantees high-quality, well-researched blog posts that include keywords that will resonate with your target audience.

The Hoth’s blog writing service costs $40 per 500 word article, and $70 per 1000 word article with other packages available for those who need several articles each month. An SEO service can take the stress out of content writing while still helping you take advantage of the benefits that come from providing content on your website.

3) Create Your Own Content

The cheapest option for obtaining good content to include on your website is to write the information yourself. Consider your audience and think about what kind of information they would find useful. Then create relevant blog posts that provide value to your readers. Avoid using your blog solely for self-promotion. Write posts that will benefit your audience and show them that you know and care about the topics and ideas that they find important.

Once you have decided what type of content to create, make sure to produce this content regularly. Your website will not benefit from having one blog post, even one with great content, in the same way that it would benefit from having new content published every week or multiple times a week. Offering useful content on a regular basis will do wonders for your SEO and profitability.

4) Get Content from Industry Experts

If you are at a loss for what to write about, or you want to give your readers a new perspective, another way to generate content for your website is to reach out to an expert in your industry. In exchange for a byline link to their site, many professionals will be willing to write a blog post. This could be a welcome break from your usual content, and it will be valuable for your readers.

Another benefit to receiving content from a well-known expert in your field is that consumers who would not otherwise have visited your website might stumble upon it when searching the web for content from that expert. This method of gaining content for your website has many advantages.

5) Hire a Freelance Writer

For anywhere around $200-300 per post, a freelance writer can handle all of the content on your website. They will do their own research and write curated content that will appeal to your target audience. While this service may be a bit pricey, the benefits of having content from a skilled writer far outweighs the costs involved. Instead of spending your time and energy trying to come up with relevant posts for your readers, you can delegate these responsibilities to a freelance writer who can make sure your content is up-to-date and valuable to consumers.

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