Unagi Scooter…It’s worth the price

Electric scooters are gaining momentum in busy cities. Services for renting the scooters have a number of drawbacks that are causing more people to turn to personal scooters instead. With sleek style and two power options (250 W single motor of 450 W dual motor), Unagi offers a strong solution for those looking to invest in a personal electric scooter. The Model One – E250 Single Motor is priced at $840 and The Model One – E450 Dual Motor is priced at $990. The scooters are not cheap... [Read More...]

The Electric Scooter Craze: Rideshare vs Owning

Ride sharing has never been more popular and now a new 2-wheel version of ridesharing is taking off. Commuters and tourists alike enjoy the ease and accessibility of car and bike rideshare service. But the electric scooter rideshare, which began in earnest in 2017, is taking over cities by storm.   Let’s take a look at all the electric scooter sharing services in the US and overseas.  Electric scooters, or e-scooters, are battery powered. One hint when using these services, check the battery... [Read More...]