Woocommerce Vs Shopify – Who wins? (2017 Updated)

So today we are going to discuss 5 top reasons why i prefer woocommerce over shopify. In past i tried to switch from woocommerce to shopify but there are a few reasons which stopped me from doing that. This post is just my personal experience, everyone is not a chocolate lover, some hate them too so if you are a shopify lover don’t be offended. 2 Years ago when i wanted to select one option from the 2, i did search in google regarding which is better then the other, but i never received th... [Read More...]

Top 10 Electric Skateboards You Can Buy in 2017

As our modern-day technology has definitely advanced, society has truly just about seen it all and very well, experienced quite a bit of excitement from it all too!  Today, we are going to go over the five best electric skateboards for sale on the market! Also do not forget to check out hoverboards for sale we offer on our website.  What Really Is a Skateboard? In simple words skateboard is a sport toy used for activity known as skateboarding. They may be used for activities such as downhill ... [Read More...]