Top 10 Electric Skateboards You Can Buy in 2017

As our modern-day technology has definitely advanced, society has truly just about seen it all and very well, experienced quite a bit of excitement from it all too!  Today, we are going to go over the five best electric skateboards for sale on the market! Also do not forget to check out hoverboards for sale we offer on our website. 

What Really Is a Skateboard?

In simple words skateboard is a sport toy used for activity known as skateboarding. They may be used for activities such as downhill racing, cruising, slalom racing and so forth. We have done extensive research and found the top 10 best selling skateboards and longboards of 2017 in following article.

10 Best Electric Skateboards For Sale Online

Inboard M1

electric skateboard

Now, this particular type of electric skateboard has two motors built in on the two back tires. You can also use it as traditional skateboard simply by not turning on the motors! Another fantastic feature of this board is the fact that you can jump from a one, solitary 90-minute experience to the next literally within seconds! The price of the Inboard M1 is $1,400.

ZBoard 2 Blue

zboard electric longboard

This type of electronic longboard or skateboard is equipped with controls where all a rider needs to do is lean on the padded foot controls to accelerate or break. The pads are black and sort of resemble a small shower mat. This board will go fully charged roughly around sixteen miles, accompanied with rear, as well front lighting to see during the nighttime. The price of the ZBoard 2 Blue is $1,300.

FiiK Big Daddy

fiik big daddy longboard for sale

Funny as the name sounds, but this electronic skateboard can take a rider truly anywhere, as it’s rubber wheels are made for that rough terrain!  So, it is made essentially for off road exhilaration! This board is made with extra-long wheelhouse, which will give the rider more of a go-ahead, along with flexibility where a person desires to ride. A video of unboxing FIIK big daddy skateboard has gained over 2.5 million views on youtube. If a rider is wanting to experiment on the beginner level in regards of off road riding, this electric skateboard would be ideal to purchase! The price of the FiiK Big Daddy is $850.

Stary Board

Now, this electric skateboard has quite the high reputation for the most affordable and lightest board which raised $750,000 on kickstrarter. A rider will be able to hit a speed of 18.6 mph with this longboard, which can be quite a thrilling experience!  A great feature about this particular longboard is the fact that it is armed with a deck that holds an actual gear box, as well an in-wheel motor; giving riders easy access to open and replace the outer motor wheel! Pretty neat, right? The price of the Stary Board is $900.

Marbel Board

This board is not for the weak at heart, let me tell you that! If you like speed, then listen up because this electric skateboard can accelerate to a speed of 25 mph! Accompanied with a handheld control, this board is definitely a serious business! A rider can even set up how fast or slow the board should go via Android, as well IOS devices!  Even better, right? Battery on this type of board will allow rider to ride up to sixteen miles on a single, 90-minute charge! The price of the Marbel Board is $1,400.

Few More Skateboards you might be interested in :


As its name implies, the Onewheel has only one wheel.  You ride this board by balancing your feet on either side of a large wheel, and once you’re level, this board balances itself.  This little beauty can reach speeds of up to 15 mph and has a tighter turn radius than a traditional Skateboard. This product also has app based controls, available for iOS and Android, so you don’t have to stop while you change settings.  The battery takes an impressive 35 minutes to fully charge and provides a six to seven-mile trip on or off road. While the price is high, around $1,500, skating and technology enthusiasts will love the Onewheel electric skateboard.

Airwheel M3

The Airwheel M3 combines the design of a traditional Skateboardwith all-terrain wheels and electric power to create a super-board. The M3 can reach speeds of around 12 mph and can travel 10 miles on a single charge. Instead of being solely app controlled, this model provides an ergonomic remote control for the rider, or Android and iOS control options. What really sets the Airwheel M3 apart is that its powerful motor can traverse inclines of up to 15 degrees and it comes standard with top of the line shock absorbers, so you really feel like your gliding on air.  The is also on the more affordable side, retailing for about $450.

E Glide GT Powerboard – Aluminum

The E Glide GT Powerboard is another great option for those looking to take their electric skateboard off road. It offers a durable aluminum body and nine-inch pneumatic tires, providing and excellent form of off road transport. A feature unique to the GT Powerboard is that it offers a drop deck, which can prove handy when slowing down or stopping. Depending on the battery you buy, this board can travel for up to 22 miles before needing a recharge, but could cost you up to another $1,000 for it. The GT Powerboard does have some major drawbacks though. The only means to control the board is a wired remote, and it is also one of the heaviest electric skateboards currently on the market. Weighing in at 72 pounds The E Glide GT Powerboard – Aluminum retails for about $1,300.

Dynacraft Surge

If you have a child who’s a skateboarding enthusiast and weighs under 145 pounds, the Dynacraft Surge is the right electric skateboard for them. This board’s top speed is six mph, so you don’t have to fear your child losing control. The remote control comes with three adjustable speeds so your child can learn at their own pace. While this a great option for kids age eight and older to learn to ride an electric skateboard, it probably shouldn’t be used by adults or off road. The Dynacraft Surge sells for about $200.

Benchwheel 1800w

The Benchwheel probably offers the biggest bang for your electric skateboard buck. Its top speed is about 20 mph and it has twin 1800 watt motors, giving it the power it needs to reach max speed. The Benchwheel only weighs about 16 pounds, making this the perfect option for city dwellers. It is also good for commuters who have to combine several forms of transport in their daily commute. While the battery can last for up to 12 miles of skating, it does take three to four hours to fully charge. The Benchwheel is priced between $600 and $650.

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