Simply Fit Board Review

simply fit board review

About Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board is a (plastic) exercise product/device. It is aimed to strengthen the core (abdominal) muscles in the body and get rid of waist fat by doing workouts that the Simply Fit Board provides. It is a balance board therefore workouts would be to balance yourself on the board -ranging from easy to advanced ways to do the workouts-. Balance workout boards have been around for a long time in the fitness industry, however, the Simply Fit Board has taken over the market after its first appearance in late November 2015 on the popular TV show Shark Tank. The board is a very good tool for people as a fitness tool, however, it also does have a few downsides to it; we will go over it all in just few minutes!

simply fit board review

So… let’s get to it!

The positive, useful and beneficial side of the Simply Fit Board:

The Simply Fit Board has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars; so, it looks like a positive product, lets find out how, and why…

To start things off, let’s look at the weight limit and the price of this product: it has a weight limit of 400 pounds (180 kg) and the price (normally) is set to be $44.95. These facts are on the positive side of the list, this is because a weight limit of 400 pounds is very beneficial for the customers as it has a wide range of weight limit and pretty much everyone can use it because no one really weighs over 400 pounds. The price of the product is reasonable for everyone to buy and as it is meant to improve your health, people will buy it regards the price ($44.95) because ”health is wealth”.

The board is beneficial for people as it can help them to lose weight, gain core muscle, help with stability and some rehab programs. It isn’t a complex product to use therefore customers won’t hesitate to buy the board worrying about how to how to use it. The board is very colourful, which attracts more customers as most balance boards are made of wood. A major positive fact about the board is that the company provides the customers who buy the product with 10 different workout videos which is very beneficial as not everyone will know how to use the board properly. On the website, they claim that their balance board fight ”muffin top” and helps you burn fat.

So… should you purchase one?

Looking at those facts above, we are looking at a quite useful and beneficial product, that may have dragged your attention to buying the board; but don’t go just yet! They do have some downfalls to, so let’s look at some of the ‘negatives’ of the Simply Fit Board.

The ‘negative’ sides of the Simply Fit Board; that might make you think twice before purchasing one:

After all those positive facts about this product, here are some ‘negatives’, maybe not negatives, but few facts that might make you think twice before purchasing one.

F.Y.I these ‘facts’ are based on customers reviews.

Even though the company provides you with 10 free workout videos, it is important to know that you will need a lot more workout videos in order to fully benefit from the board and its use. The product is said to be ‘limitless’, however, from feedbacks, customers say that the product doesn’t work on wood and vinyl forms, which is a negative downfall as many people’s homes are of carpets. What disappoints most customers is said to be that the product isn’t as expected, and seen on YouTube -online- which would seem as if they are marketing for their own benefits and is some sort of a scam. Lastly, from feedbacks, we hear that the ordering is a very painful process.

Overall, there aren’t as many negatives as there are positives, which is a good thing, however, everyone must expect some sort of disappointment as it isn’t a perfect product, but it is very good, useful and beneficial for one’s physical health.

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