Flyboard Air – Real Hoverboard but Not For Sale

In April 2016 we saw a video of a man using a real hoverboard to reach a height of 10,000 FT and Max speed of 96 MPH.

Maybe this is not the first time someone used a real life hoverboard to reach such height and speed. Franky Zapata, 36, the developer of this device called Flyboard Air had set a new guinness world record in may 2016. This machine is bit different from the hoverboards we have on our website.


We recently contacted Zapata through their official website and asked them few questions about how this stuff works. We received quick and detailed answers from them.

How does flyboard air works? 

Flyboard® Air is still in a prototype stage.We are unable to reveal the precise components of our invention. We can however give you some information : The system works with a set of turbines situated under the board. A complex electronic system provides balance in the air. Lastly, the fuel is stored in the pilot’s backpack.

How long did it take to develop flyboard? 

We have been working for more than a year on Flyboard® Air. At the moment it’s still a prototype and we are always working on it!

How do you balance this device? See first question.

Are there any upcoming versions? We are still working on the first version of Flyboard® Air so for the moment there is no other version upcoming.

How long does the battery last? Flyboard® Air doesn’t work with a battery but with a set of turbines and fuel. The autonomy is around 8 minutes but we are working on the prototype to increase it.

What is the maximum speed of flyboard? The maximum speed is around 130 km/h

If this product were to launched in market, how much would it cost? For the moment, it is in the prototype stage, so we are unable to give a price or a commercialization date. Everybody will be informed in due course, should we decide to commercialize it.

What safety precautions you take before you ride it? Safety has always been our first priority and we guarantee that there is no serious risk to the pilot riding Flyboard® Air. For example, the pilot is equipped with a life jacket   and a anti-fire suit.

What is the difference between Flyboard and Hoverboard Offered by Zapata? The water Flyboard® you get in the air vertically and the Hoverboard® by ZR glisse horizontally. It’s the same process but the sensations are very different.

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