Swagtron Review – Quality or Low Quality Hoverboards?

2016 was an important year for Swagtron because they released the rebranded and redesigned collection of hoverboards to the market. The new hoverboards were provided with a variety of improvements. Enhanced safety holds a prominent place out of them.


During 2015, the hoverboard charges started to go up in flames. The engineers at Swagtron were looking for method to overcome this hassle and that’s where they came up with the revolutionized new design and technology. Swagtron T3 was the first hoverboard to be released to the market after the rebranding process. Along with T3, they also released another model called Swagtron T1, which shares most of the features of its counterpart. However, T1 was not edge as Swagtron T3.

What swagtron offers?

During the past 12 months, Company took a brute force approach in order to make sure that no other competitor product can come closer to them. In other words, the new hoverboard released by Swagtron come along with Swagtron branding, which covers every aspect from the thick polycarbonate body to chrome rims. Holographic Swagtron stickers have also been introduced in order to enhance the look and feel of this product.

A revolutionized battery management system has also been introduced to the new Swagtron hoverboards. In fact, the battery is now located inside an aluminum cage, which is fireproof. Even if the battery gets damaged, no harm would happen to the hoverboard because of this technology. On the other hand, the Battery Management System ensures that the lithium ion battery could not come to a point where it could get burnt.

Swagtron Features

Swagtron has given opportunity for the people to hover it again. The functionality offered by new self balancing scooter is almost similar to the previous ones. They have the same rubberized pads and balance the user automatically. Leaning slightly can make the hoverboard move forward and leaning back can make it move backward. However, several improvements have been introduced in order to enhance the comfort and stability of these new hoverboards.

In the new hoverboards manufactured by the company, you will not be able to see a split down in the middle. Instead, the designers at Swagtron have split it into three different parts. As a result of this new design, the wheels and pads of the hoverboard are in a position to move independently. This design has enhanced the stability of the hoverboard as well. Therefore, the new boards are stronger than their predecessors as well.

The performance levels of Swagtron hoverboard have also been improved. In fact, the Swagtron T3 can reach a top speed of 12mph whereas the Swagtron T1 has an impressive 8mph speed. The Swagtron can be used to climb hills that have an inclination up to 30 degrees. The weight limits of the hoverboards have also been improved to accommodate up to 220 pounds. Moreover, it is possible to find a virtual power button, which can be used to put the hoverboard to sleep. All these features make Swagtron stand ahead of other hoverboard manufacturers.

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