Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly

Through the Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly, Franky Zapata has created impressive hoverbaords that can really fly. Using a remarkable, innovative approach Zapata harnessed multiple turbine engines to produce controllable flight. Both of these real hoverboard models have easy to use flight controls designed specifically to fit the mechanisms of the humane body. The Flyboard Air and EZ-Fly use the same basic engines and control system and they include the following features: Turbine engines... [Read More...]

Flyboard Air – Real Hoverboard but Not For Sale

In April 2016 we saw a video of a man using a real hoverboard to reach a height of 10,000 FT and Max speed of 96 MPH. Maybe this is not the first time someone used a real life hoverboard to reach such height and speed. Franky Zapata, 36, the developer of this device called Flyboard Air had set a new guinness world recordĀ in may 2016. This machine is bit different from the hoverboards we have on our website. We recently contacted Zapata through their official website and asked them few questio... [Read More...]