The Healthy Benefits of Water Hoverboard FlyBoarding

Attention all Adrenaline Freaks! If you need a fun way to stay fit, then you should try Water Hoverboard. Yes, Waterboarding is an excellent combination of high energy and health. It’s a water jet pack in the form of a snowboard. It attaches to a long hose, which connects with the craft. A high-pressure propulsion (of water) is transmitted to the hose that pushes the fly board up to 10-15 meters in the air. It needs physical attributes of sports such as Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding a... [Read More...]

Hoverboard Technology – How Close Are We?

The Hoverboard Technology remains in the heart of silicon valley. Recently, the world was given Self Balancing Skates in the name of Hoverboard. Therefore, the Craze of Back to the Future Hoverboard is still on. After 30 Years since the idea was introduced. The tech world only got close to making perfect electric scooter, which can perform as good as the fictional one. There have been many claims from companies in the past saying they developed such technology. What is a Hoverboard? A Hoverboar... [Read More...]

A Basic Guide to Buy Hoverboard

You want to Buy a Hoverboard. Sure why not, you don’t want to be left behind with the new trend. Besides, it’s the coolest thing ever! You are doing something else, instead of looking down on a screen. It needs you to be physically active instead of being a couch potato. Nevertheless, considering the problem going with their reliability issues, we are going to help you buy a reliable one with following pointers. The Price Factor If you want to Buy a electric scooter, and expect it to last a... [Read More...]

3 Tips to Ride Hover Skateboard

Did you get your hands on the hottest toy of the season? The hover skateboard? If you are lucky enough to say yes, you need to know that riding, it is not a slight of hand. You need practice and some experience before you can declare yourself the master of these boards. Well, if this is your fist time with these boards, then let us help you learn to ride these boards. Learn to Balance The first thing you need to learn about hover skateboard is how to balance. You can do this right on your own ... [Read More...]

How to Make a Hoverboard – Brief Guide

Hoverboards have created a lot of buzz with their introduction in Mainstream Media. You probably guessed we mean their entrance in the Cult Classic “Back to The Future.” Since then, these boards have become a favorite of Sci-fi and Futuristic fans. Not to forget, Video games also included these boards or something that floats over cars. But, if you wanted to be creative, and don’t want to buy one instead create it yourself, then hold your horses. We got an easy recipe for How to Make a Hov... [Read More...]

Top Hoverboards of 2016

Hoverboards took the world by storm right after they popped out in the markets. There are numerous companies manufacturing these self-balancing scooters nowadays and the demand for these highly acclaimed gadgets is skyrocketing with everyday passing. The excitement and thrill offered by these gadgets make them some of the hottest toys to be bought this year. Top picks Things are settling down now and this year we are again experiencing a growth in the demand of the electric scooters. The compa... [Read More...]