How Back to the Future Hoverboard Impacted the World

Back to the Future Part II. Most people remember this movie today because of its most iconic personal transportation device. Yes, the Back to the Future Hoverboard set up new heights of expectations from the movie. However, after 30 years since the movie was released, the magic of this board is not over yet. Besides, it’s one of the most popular things the trilogy is remembered for.

What Evolution it brought

This idea of levitation upped the standards of personal transportation. It somewhat also coined the term of portable transport. The story doesn’t end here; it gave the spark to anti-gravity transportation concept. You have to give credit because the brainiacs have been engaged to make this dream come true.

As we are closer than ever to achieve this dream, there are many discoveries made along the way, which the movie deserves credit for. Thanks to this board, we now have many different mods of light and efficient personal transport. Not to forget, we have foldable scooters and cycles now. All this credit goes to this board. It set up new standards for daily transportation.

How they Were in the Movie

The trilogy is a cult classic; there is no doubt in that. Among many of the elements, which makes it so, is the electric scooter. There is no hesitation in saying that everyone back in the day dreamed of owning one.

Speaking of the use of Hoverboards in the actual movie. It was pretty interesting in that universe. For the basic introduction, it’s just a skateboard, which uses hover conversion. There were many companies producing this and children of all ages can ride them. The company made Mattel had the honor to manufacturer the Pink and Orange ones, which are responsible for Back to the Future Hoverboard craze.

This board, at first glance, is very simple. It looks just like a traditional skate but without ties. The fact is, this was the simplest board in the movie, there were other less subtle versions which were used by gangs and other notable characters.

In the movie, these were shown so common that there was a sign that said, “No Hoverboarding.” That sign makes it clear that the concept of hoverboarding in the universe was as common as traditional skating in the real world. Since then, almost every brain around the world is trying to make it common in this universe as well.  Considering that it was not the time of Digital Image and CGI, how was the hover effect achieved?

It was done with supporting actors on wires and strapping the board to prop their feet. The actors needed to pretend, as they were on the board while in reality they were holding it in position. In some scenes. The self balancing scooters were placed on a pole attached to a truck, all while the actor was in harness.

We hope this clears your queries about the Back to Future Hoverboard, still if you think we missed something, let us know!

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