The Healthy Benefits of Water Hoverboard FlyBoarding

Attention all Adrenaline Freaks! If you need a fun way to stay fit, then you should try Water Hoverboard. Yes, Waterboarding is an excellent combination of high energy and health. It’s a water jet pack in the form of a snowboard.

It attaches to a long hose, which connects with the craft. A high-pressure propulsion (of water) is transmitted to the hose that pushes the fly board up to 10-15 meters in the air. It needs physical attributes of sports such as Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding and Acrobat driving. While it remains a fun activity, it offers you the following benefits:

It Burns Calories

This widely depends on your weight, age and how much time you invest on the Water electric scooter. With this activity, you can burn a few hundred calories without doing much.

Builds Muscles

This is a demanding activity. It needs you to use your legs and maintain balance to fly above the water surface. A well-balanced posture is important because this decreases pressure on the lower back. This activity strengthens abdominal muscles, which distributes upper body weight better on back and front to improve balance.

Adrenaline Rush

Heightened levels of adrenaline manipulate the liver to break more glycogen.  This is the substance, which provides glucose to muscles. Remember, Glucose is the main source of fuel for the body. In fact, Adrenaline rushes whenever muscles are low on fuel while exercising. It also activates when there is a sudden demand for more energy by the body, in emergencies.

Vitamin D

Be careful when exposed to the sun. However, the Sun shares a fair role to keep us healthy. Vitamin D is obtained from Sun’s Rays, which promote the body to absorb phosphorous and calcium. These improve the immune system. Also, Vitamin D helps the skin to fight acne and improve elasticity. It promotes collagen production, which improves radiance to fight lines and dark spots.

Healing properties

Water self balancing scooter also helps with the healing functions of skin and face. When Flyboarding over a water body, (Sea or Ocean), the skin absorbs healing property of sea sale which relieves dry and itchy skin. It also treats conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema. Sea Salt Improves healing as it opens pores improves circulation and hydrates tissue. It makes the skin soft and fights off fine lines, cellulite and wrinkles.

Improves Immune System

According to research, the cold ocean water improves the immune system as it increases the count of white blood cells. These cells play an integral role to defend the body from infections and diseases.

Relieves Stress

It’s proven that spending time on beach fights anxiety and depression. It overall promotes the unwinding process. The refreshing atmosphere of beach lets the body unwind itself. Speaking of which, Water Hoverboard usage is a natural stress reliever as it engages the body in physical activity.

Clears Out the Lungs

Ocean air clears your lungs. This leads to better functioning of lungs, which controlled sinus congestion. All of this helps us to breathe easier than before.

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