Hoverboard Technology – How Close Are We?

The Hoverboard Technology remains in the heart of silicon valley. Recently, the world was given Self Balancing Skates in the name of Hoverboard. Therefore, the Craze of Back to the Future Hoverboard is still on.

After 30 Years since the idea was introduced. The tech world only got close to making perfect electric scooter, which can perform as good as the fictional one. There have been many claims from companies in the past saying they developed such technology.

What is a Hoverboard?

A Hoverboard is a personal transportation device. It’s a levitating board, which was first coined by the cult classic “Back to the Future II”. The original electric scooter used by Marty McFly had no Wheels. Although it looked and worked like a skateboard, it was just missing wheels.

How It Influenced the World

self balancing scooter included the world to develop Light, fast and fuel efficient means of personal transportation. Since then, there have been many improvements. Yes, Personal Transportation is fuel efficient and personalized. The world is expecting a gas slipped mope. Still the world awaits the distinctive and powerful invention, which was promised.

The Influence let the Silicon Valley into brainstorming how to develop levitation tech for personal transportation. There are some promising models of Hover board Technology. They hold the potential to make this dream true.

First Prospect

Remember, Upward force or a powerful push against gravity is important for Hoverboard technology. Many boards today get this force from the air. Yes, the Props push air downward, which brings the upward push on rotors.

This technology is like a helicopter. The board can be moved up/down and side to side. The technology is promising as it can fly over land and matter.

Second Prospect

Despite the Rotor Tech, there is another spark in the search of Hoverboard Technology. There is another breakthrough in Hover tech. This time,it’s about using Electromagnets. Yes, electromagnets, which result in the changing magnetic fields to engage with a conducting, surface. When the electromagnets change magnetic field responsible. This field produces an electric current in the metallic surface which is below the electric scooter. This current one, later on,produces its own magnetic field which repels electro magnets of the electric scooter. This idea is fairly simple and practical.

Third Prospect

There is another Technology, which works on electromagnets. But, it doesn’t change magnetic fields from electromagnets. Instead, it uses superconductors. When a superconductor is placed near a magnet, it creates a levitation effect. This very effect is the core of self balance scooter technology.

The Benefit of Hoverboard Concept

With the ongoing progress, the Silicon Valley is very close to perfect the Hoverboard Technology. But thanks to it, there are many breakthrough developments in the levitation concept. Yes, with this concept in hand, we are now able to create levitation effect better than ever.

Don’t Forget; this idea also evokes the concept of portable transport devices which can be carried around without effort.

These are the most recent updates about how close we are to perfect this Technology. If there is anything, you want to share, drop in the comments.

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