3 Tips to Ride Hover Skateboard

Did you get your hands on the hottest toy of the season?

The hover skateboard?

If you are lucky enough to say yes, you need to know that riding, it is not a slight of hand. You need practice and some experience before you can declare yourself the master of these boards.

Well, if this is your fist time with these boards, then let us help you learn to ride these boards.

Learn to Balance

The first thing you need to learn about hover skateboard is how to balance. You can do this right on your own by just trial and error. Remember, it will take some time and bruises, so prepare yourself.

To help you start, we are giving you few tips below:

  • When stepping on the board, push edges right against the rims
  • Don’t close your feet, apart them so you can have more control. Once you get that, you should learn forward or backward to move

Deal with Low Elevations

These are the killing stop of a smooth hoverboard ride. Climbing elevations can sound like a sloppy, but once you do it yourself,you will know what the grim circumstances are. You need to learn something here.

For most riders, the easy elevation to climb is 1 and a half inch. But, if you are careful, you can also climb the ones that are more than 3 inches high.

Follow these guidelines and you will see the magic.

  • Push your chest forward and it will build speed in feet away while you lean a bit forward. This will ease up your climbs
  • Don’t move to the curb at slow speed because the hoverboard may lack the speed needed to climb it
  • You can also use rolling one foot. You can do this by rolling one foot one time and curb the elevation with your dominant foot
  • As you have your one foot at top of curb, you need to turn 180 degrees and roll your other foot over the curb

This approach is easy and safe because you do not need to build up momentum before you hit the curb

Fitting Small Spaces

You would have never thought of this when you bought your new toy. Heck, it remains a challenge today even with the traditional board, so you can only imagine it with modern hover skateboard when you learn to fitting small spaces.

The hoverboard is two feet wide, and hence, they are flexible to go through tight spaces,but there is the way you can make through these spaces. This trick will be handy when it’s about your hoverboard skills.

So follow these guidelines and make your way through:

  • turn sideways
  • Create the S movement with your board
  • Move forward and backward with one foot at a time
  • You need to repeat this until you are cleared of the tight space while doing this, you need to think of your board as a snake and move as it would

Do you like these tips, are these easy enough or not? Let us know of your previous feedback or share anything we have missed!

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