How to Make a Hoverboard – Brief Guide

Hoverboards have created a lot of buzz with their introduction in Mainstream Media.

You probably guessed we mean their entrance in the Cult Classic “Back to The Future.”

Since then, these boards have become a favorite of Sci-fi and Futuristic fans. Not to forget, Video games also included these boards or something that floats over cars.

But, if you wanted to be creative, and don’t want to buy one instead create it yourself, then hold your horses.

We got an easy recipe for How to Make a Hoverboard! Yes, we are here to help you, as long as you follow the given guidelines.

Find the Perfect Size

This speaks of a size, which is fit for you, adding from ground and nose level. A wooden one is your obvious choice but the lighter they are, the better.

You can also go for the cheap option, plastic. Although plastic won’t last long and it’s considered a crap. Plastic can completely ruin your board, so you better stay away from it.

Get 3 to 4 Leaf Blowers

Remember, we are making the simplest model. So nothing fancy here. Getting these leaf blowers will cost you nearly 300$. But if you put them right, this will be the best investment ever. If you want you can save up to fifty bucks by getting some less qualitative options but, it will cost you dearly.

You will also need some extra add-ons including nails and other things. The layout is, you will need 2 for the bottom and 1 for the top. You need another one to act as the thruster.

Getting down to work

You will need to get rid of the tube, which blows the air in one direction only.

This will help you get just in this way:With leaf blowers that are faced downwards (air will be shot to ground) you need to attach the two to the bottom of the board. You will need to find a way for this because there are different models. So you test out the blowers and see if they actually lift.

If it’s a success, try to sit.

If you don’t have any success, you better try something else, set blowers differently and see how they work. You will need to add or eliminate blowers, depending on your weight. With that said, you should have a spotter with you to help you get over it and prevent any injuries.

Add the Last Blower

Now you are down with the two blowers to provide you the uplift, it’s time to work the blower that will give you the direction. Yes, the third piece will have to be installed at the back end of your hoverboard. You have to ensure it shoots the air backwards.

Attach this in its position and watch the magic happens. The first two were meant to lift you off the ground and give you a forward motion feeling. If it works, then you have learned How to Make a Hoverboard. If not, then start all over again.

If there is something you can’t put your finger on, let us know. We will help you out with your issues to build your own hoverboard. If you got a question, don’t hesitate to ask.


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