Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly

Through the Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly, Franky Zapata has created impressive hoverbaords that can really fly. Using a remarkable, innovative approach Zapata harnessed multiple turbine engines to produce controllable flight. Both of these real hoverboard models have easy to use flight controls designed specifically to fit the mechanisms of the humane body. The Flyboard Air and EZ-Fly use the same basic engines and control system and they include the following features: Turbine engines... [Read More...]

How Hoverboards can be used for Sports and Competition

Hoverboards still have a long way to go. As of now, they don’t really hover and older models have been deemed unsafe. The technology is still advancing and actually, even though we use the term ‘hoverboard’, it usually refers to a self-balancing scooter. The user controls the speed by tilting their feet, and the direction by twisting the pads. It’s a cool toy, but not yet a truly capable machine. As such, hoverboard sports haven’t really taken off yet, but anyone with a hoverboard... [Read More...]

5 Proven Ways to Generate Web Content

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, and increase your business’ revenue is to provide your audience with high-quality content. This article explains the benefits of content (blog posts, articles, guest posts, etc) and the best ways to generate that content.Great Web Content Equals Visitors to Your Site Your readers and users want to see more from your website and your brand than blatant advertising. They want to know that your business is knowledgea... [Read More...]

Black Friday Scooter Deals

Black Friday + Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Sale! Forget long lines, pushy crowds and early morning shopping. Forget even when it comes to scooters and hoverboards. You will find the best GoTrax deals here. Go ahead and price compare these offers on Amazon and you will see these prices are less expensive. This Black Friday we have the best hoverboard and scooter deals of 2020. These deals began on 11/25/2020 and run through 12/1/2020: GoTrax GXL V2 COMMUTER SCOOTER $498 $248 Buy now... [Read More...]

Hoverboard Safety Tips

While you won’t be flying through the air with your hoverboard anytime soon, these popular and fun devices can still come with safety risks. Whether you’re buying a hoverboard for yourself or your family, be sure to follow these simple safety tips for maximum enjoyment and minimum risk. Certified Fun Not all hoverboards are created equal, so choose a model that follows UL 2272 certification. These certified hoverboards are designed to avoid dangerous electrical fires, self-balancing failures... [Read More...]

The Electric Scooter Craze: Rideshare vs Owning

Ride sharing has never been more popular and now a new 2-wheel version of ridesharing is taking off. Commuters and tourists alike enjoy the ease and accessibility of car and bike rideshare service. But the electric scooter rideshare, which began in earnest in 2017, is taking over cities by storm.   Let’s take a look at all the electric scooter sharing services in the US and overseas.  Electric scooters, or e-scooters, are battery powered. One hint when using these services, check the battery... [Read More...]

Discount Hoverboards: MegaWheels Two1s Vs GoTrax ION

Fast, fun and high-tech, hoverboards are a great gift for older children and young-at-heart adults. There are plenty of boards on the market, and it can be difficult to find affordable options. Two boards that are particularly good deals are the MegaWheels Two1s and the GoTrax ION. From the self-balancing technology to the special safety features, both boards are built to make riding a hoverboard fun. Read on to learn more about them. Are Hoverboards Dangerous? First, to clear up a common concer... [Read More...]

7 Tricks to Find Free Kindle Books

The best part of a Kindle e-reader is the sheer amount of books available. Whether you love buying books online or downloading free books there are plenty of options available to you. If you love to read, but don’t want to pay for Kindle books, take a look at these five ways to find free, or mostly free, Kindle books. 1) Use By far the easiest way to find free Kindle books in your favorite genre is to use the free book tool at You can select the genre y... [Read More...]

Real Hoverboards That Don’t Touch the Ground

The Hoverboards that we can buy today have a long way to go before they reach Back To The Future II levels, but that’s okay. For right now we don’t mind flying across the ground on two wheels because we know that scientists and researchers are working on it. You can learn more about the best of these two-wheeled versions at GadgetReview. I’m here to tell you that it won’t be long until we are cruising around like Marty McFly. In fact, you might be surprised to learn those... [Read More...]

Are Hoverboards Safe in 2017?

There is a lot of concern among masses that hoverboard is still not safe in 2017. Now when we are talking about hoverboards, we are essentially talking about self balancing scooters. There are over thousand factories around the world who are currently manufacturing these scooters. Even if 99% of them are producing top notch quality, we are still left with 1% who are not producing a good quality product. So we can assume that 1% of the hoverboards in market are not 100% safe. Even though 1% might... [Read More...]