7 Tricks to Find Free Kindle Books

The best part of a Kindle e-reader is the sheer amount of books available. Whether you love buying books online or downloading free books there are plenty of options available to you. If you love to read, but don’t want to pay for Kindle books, take a look at these five ways to find free, or mostly free, Kindle books.

1) Use JustKindleBooks.com

By far the easiest way to find free Kindle books in your favorite genre is to use the free book tool at JustKindleBooks.com. You can select the genre you want and go right to the current selection of free Kindle books on Amazon. Typically, there are 50,000 – 70,000 free books available at anytime on Amazon and the selection changes daily. Sometimes you’ll find a great selection and sometime it can be a bit like sorting through the bargain bin. Either way it’s worth coming back frequently to check in on the new selection.

 JustKindleBooks also has a daily newsletter that can deliver free and discounted books to your inbox. Take advantage of this convenient ways to get free Kindle ebooks. 

2) Borrow Library Books in Kindle Format

With Overdrive.com you get all of the perks of a library, without the musty books of late fees. The Overdrive app allows you to search ebooks at your local or regional libraries and you can use your current library card to download a borrowed ebook right on to your Kindle.


It can be tricky to sign up with Overdrive, but once you do you’ll be able to use an Android or iOS app for easy book browsing, borrowing and reading. Overdrive is a great way to quickly connect to your library and spend no money on your next read. The downside with overdrive is that you may need to get on the waiting list for the book you want, and typically you get the book for 2 weeks before it automagically returns itself to the library.

Free Kindle Books

3) Try Kindle Advanced Search

If you love optimizing searches, refining keywords, and scrolling through extensive lists, use the Kindle Books Advanced Search option on Amazon. This comprehensive tool allows you to tailor your searches for specific genres, publishers, and authors. Then, simply sort by “Price: Low to High” and you’ll see all of the free books available that match your search criteria.

4) Use this Little-Known Google Trick

Did you know that you can also use Google to discover find of free Kindle books? Simply open a Google search page and type this exactly in your search box: site:www.amazon.com “Free in Kindle Store”.  Enhance your search to find exactly what you are looking for by adding additional keywords. For instance, if you are seeking free mysteries, type site:www.amazon.com “Free in Kindle Store” Mystery or if you want erotic romance, try site:www.amazon.com “Free in Kindle Store” erotic romance. You can also plug in author names in place of the genre.

5) Browse Pinterest Pin Boards

It turns out you can use Pinterest for way more than finding delicious recipes and inventive craft ideas. Some Pinterest users highlight free Kindle books on their own boards and even provide the links to these books. This strategy is a great way to attract more subscribers, so the trend is unlikely to die any time soon.  

Pinterest even provides a section that somehow aggregates free Kindle books. Just click on the pins to explore the books. But… a note of caution books go from free to paid on Amazon without notice. So check the price on Amazon before you click buy on a book that you saw posted as free on Pinterest. If you like what you see, you can always subscribe to a board so that you will receive consistent updates.

6) Borrow Books from Your Friends Via Kindle Lending

Those days of asking friends to loan you their favorite books are not over just yet. With Kindle Lending, you can borrow books from your friends’ libraries. If you have a friend who enjoys similar tastes to your own, this method could be a useful way to get books without paying.

Borrowing and receiving books via Kindle Lending is simple. In order for friends to loan you  books from their own libraries, they must first select the Manage Your Content and Devices option on their Kindle or other compatible device. After that, they should locate the book they want to loan and press the Actions option for that book. One of the options available under Actions should be Loan This Book. Note, not all books are eligible for loaning. Once the book has been selected for loaning, your friend will be prompted to enter your personal email address (NOT Your Send to Kindle address). They might even opt to send you a personalized message with the book.


NOTE:  If your friend has selected an ineligible book, they will not get the Loan This Book option and you will in turn not be able to borrow it.

Once you have received the book from your friend, you will notice an email in your inbox entitled A Loaned Book for You. Open that message and select the Get your loaned book now option. Once you do that, you will automatically be redirected to Amazon via your web browser to complete the transaction. To finalize the process, log in to the Amazon account on which you want to read the book.

What you will be prompted to do next will depend upon the device you have and which device you wish to read the book on. If you have a Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablet, or Kindle reading app, you will have to choose which device you want the book sent to. After that, you can select the Accept loaned book option. If you do not own any of those device, you simply select Accept loaned book and follow the download instructions, which will lead you to the free Kindle reading app.

7) Explore Gutenberg.org

Want to expand your classic literature library? With over 57,000 free classic titles (typically books published over 100 years ago) to choose from, Project Gutenberg is a treasure trove. The e-books found through Project Gutenberg are older titles whose copyrights have expired. Literary masterpieces that cost nothing? We love it. Project Gutenberg charges no fees, nor will it require you to download a special app.

The Kindle eReader and Kindle app not only bring all your books together, they give you access to a ton of free books. So go a head and load it up.



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