Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly

Through the Zapata Flyboard Air and Zapata EZ-Fly, Franky Zapata has created impressive hoverbaords that can really fly. Using a remarkable, innovative approach Zapata harnessed multiple turbine engines to produce controllable flight. Both of these real hoverboard models have easy to use flight controls designed specifically to fit the mechanisms of the humane body.

The Flyboard Air and EZ-Fly use the same basic engines and control system and they include the following features:

  • Turbine engines that provide plenty of power in a small package.
  • Efficient transformation of chemical energy into thrust.
  • Consolidation of thrust for more maneuverability and speed.
  • Intuitive flight controls that are easy to learn even without pilot training.
  • Controls designed around the natural abilities of the human body.

Engineered for safety, the Zapata Flyboard Air and EZ-Fly perform well for a wide variety of industries and tasks. Applications that benefit from the power and speed of Zapata’s jet craft include:

  • Military
  • First responder
  • Industrial (repair platform, inspection, distribution, etc)
  • Recreation

But let’s face it, these flying machines look pretty fun, and most of us are wondering when we can buy one or rent one.

The Zapata Flyboard Air™

The Zapata Flyboard Air can reach a potential maximum speed of 124 mph and predicted maximum height of nearly 10,000 feet. It also has a 10-30 minute flight time and maximum capacity of 400 lbs. The important safety features of the Flyboard Air include:

  • Engine out capability. The Flyboard Air will still operate if it loses one engine. If it loses both engines, the Flyboard Air will perform a controlled descent.
  • Auto-hover mode for steady altitude without managing the throttle.
  • Embedded stabilization
  • Status Indications via Heads-Up display
  • Independent engine electronics so any electronic failure will only impact one engine at a time.
  • Independent engine fuel supplies.
  • Triple redundant flight controls
  • Quick-release boots so the pilot can let go of the Flybboard Air in the event of an emergency water landing.

Although not currently available for individual purchase, the Zapata Flyboard Air would retail for approximately $25,000. While you can’t fly one yourself, you might be able to get Franky Zapata to come out for an in-person flying appearance at your event. Visit the Zapata website or email them at [email protected] for more information.

Zapata EZ Fly

The EZ Fly has a few essential upgrades from the Flyboard Air, making it eaiser to fly. Compared to the Flyboard Air, the EZ Fly is easier to operate and requires less training time. This vertical takeoff “aircraft” is operable for non-pilots. The EZ Fly has a maximum speed of 80 mph and max flight time of of 12 minutes. It can safely fly with a weight of 280 lbs. The Zapata EZ Fly has safety features such as:

  • Auto-hover mode
  • Quick-release boots
  • Engine out capability
  • Triple redundant flight controls
  • Independent engine electronics and fuel supplies
  • Status indications on a Heads-Up display
  • Embedded stabilization of independent flight controls
  • Isolated turbine with improved cooling and lubrication

If the EZ Fly real hoverboards were available for sale, they would retail for around $35,000. While demos and training sessions are rare, you try to  book an event to see or even fly the Flyboard Air in person. Visit the Zapata website or email them at [email protected] for more information.

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