Are Hoverboards Safe in 2017?

There is a lot of concern among masses that hoverboard is still not safe in 2017. Now when we are talking about hoverboards, we are essentially talking about self balancing scooters. There are over thousand factories around the world who are currently manufacturing these scooters. Even if 99% of them are producing top notch quality, we are still left with 1% who are not producing a good quality product. So we can assume that 1% of the hoverboards in market are not 100% safe. Even though 1% might not sound a lot, but with millions of these toys are already sold, this number could be tens of thousands.

Where to buy a safe hoverboard?

As we talked earlier 99% of the hoverboards in market are safe, but if you are unlucky you might land up with a hoverboard manufactured by 1% of those companies who produce low quality product. Online retail companies like ourselves make sure we get the products from the best manufacturers around the world. So when you purchase from our website or anyone who offers ul2272 battery board then the chances of hoverboard heating up and catching fire is Zero.

If you are a unlucky one and landed up with a low quality hoverboard then you can stay safe by taking following measures-

  • Never let your hoverboard charge overnight or when you are not at home.
  • Only use the charger you received with your hoverboard
  • Do not keep it indoors.
  • If it heats up, stop using it immediately.
  • Keep it away from water contact

Are hoverboards from amazon, walmart, best buy safe?

If the company is big then the product they offer must be awesome right? WRONG. There have been cases where these companies even sold low quality boards which ended up exploding. Since amazon is a retail company they don’t really check the hoverboard quality before letting one of their sellers list it on the website. We at floating board are a very small retail store but we make sure to only list the best quality hoverboards. So again there is always a chance of landing up with a low quality board even if you buy from amazon, walmart and best buy as most of these stores wants to get the cheapest possible products and do not care about the quality.

Things not to do with your hoverboard

Now there are some people who abuse their hoverboards and then wonder why it got damaged or started heating up. Lets talk about it in 1 liners-

  • Throw it from a height more then 4 feets. Keep in mind it is a electric toy not a skateboard so never throw it on ground from height more then 4 feets.
  • Perform skateboard stunts is also not the best thing to do with your hoverboard. Although their are some specific hoverboard stunts you can perform without any issues.
  • If you are above the recommended weight for the board then lose some weight. Just Kidding! If that is the case buy a board which is suitable for your weight. Read: Which hoverboard is right for me.
  • If you are new to riding hoverboards make sure you have someone near you to help you in case you get out of balance while using the board.

Why do Hoverboards Explode?

First thing you need to understand is that any electric device you are carrying right now can explode anytime. According to the various news websites samsung phones can explode anytime, and if you are thinking iphone is the safe bet, then you should read this article. The reason for explosions could be anything from battery leakage to overheating. When buying a hoverboard make sure you are getting UL certified batteries and chargers. This way you can minimize the risk of your hoverboard heating up and catching fire.

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  1. Great article Paul! I think the best thing anyone can do, as you mentioned, is to check for the UL certification first. Then keep in mind the safety guidelines… reading the owners manual is always a must!

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