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Best Hoverboards for Sale Online

Give yourself the experience of a dynamic, fun new mode of transport and play. At Floating Board you can buy premium quality hoverboards at a discount. 

We’re committed to bringing you the most innovative, high-quality, and feature rich HoverBoards and Electric Skateboards available. We’re also committed to selling at a reasonable price with free shipping on all products. 

Want to find the right hoverboard yee our infographic on Which Hoverboard is right for Me? 

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Top Hoverboards For Sale

Performance Hoverboard with LED Lights and Bluethooth Speakers

It might not be possible for everyone to buy a Performance car but it is certainly possible to buy a hoverboard that looks like a Performance car. New stylish Performance design along with an amazing riding experience will get you addicted to this amazing toy. This is one of the best self-balancing hoverboards available. See price and learn more: Performance Hoverboard 6.5 Inch wheels with Bluetooth.  

Top Features of Performance Hoverboard

    • Well built, ultra-premium quality
    • Smooth, precision ride
    • Long lasting, fast charging battery, charges 95% in less then 2 hours.
    • Max speed 8 Miles per hour with a range of 7-12 miles
    • Built-in LED lights and Bluetooth speakers
    • UL 2272 CERTIFIED for safety
    • 6 Month Warranty

led Performance hoverboard

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Premium Black Hoverboard

This is one of the best selling hoverboards for a number of reasons: It’s made with high quality and tested components, it comes in 8 colors, features led lights, and has a UL certified battery. This in one of the most affordable hoverboards online. Learn more + See Price: Premium Hoverboard.

Top Features of our Premium Hoverboard

    • Comes with fast charging battery (charges in just 90 minutes.)
    • Speeds of 2-10 MPH
    • Runs up to 13 miles on a single charge.
    • UL Certified
    • 6 Month Warranty

hoverboard with headlights

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All Terrain 10-inch Performance Hoverboard

With 10 inch rubber inflatable wheels, you can get off the pavement and blaze your own track with this hoverboard. This board has a Bluetooth music speaker, remote control, and a free carry bag. It’s also UL certified, and built of high quality, tested components. Take your pick of 7 different colors.  Click here to learn more and see the current price.

Top Features of All Terrain 10-Inch Performance Hoverboard

    • Strong 10 inch tires with firm on road and off road grip
    • Water + dust resistant
    • Comes with bluetooth and key chain.
    • Charges in 90 minutes and runs up to 13 miles on single charge
    • UL Certified
    • 6 Month Warranty


10" Wheel Hoverboard

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KooWheel Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard are downright fun. The feeling of flying up a hill without pushing is just magical. Most high quality electric skateboards run $1200 and over, but after a lot of searching we found high-end electric skate board at a reasonable price. This board can run 20-25 miles on a single charge and can climb hills that have a steep 25% grade. There is only one drawback to this skateboard…the shipping time. To get this low price on the Koowheel Skateboard we have it  shipped to directly from the manufacturer in China. Shipping typically takes 18 to 21 days. But it’s worth the wait. The owner of FloatingBoard.com rides the KooWheel.

Second Generation KooWheel Electric Skateboard

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Hoverboard brands: We carry swagtron, vecaro lifestyle, and glidecraft hoverboards. 

Electric Skateboard brands:  We carry KooWheel and Glidecraft electric skateboards and we will be adding more soon.

Embrace the Innovation – Ride with Style. Take movement on a whole new level by cruising the town on a new Hoverboard or electric skateboard. And stay safe with these 6 hoverboard safety precautions. Read ’em before you start riding. Also, see out infographic on How to Ride a Hoverboard for a safe riding experience.

Real Hoverboards for Sale

We have posted several article on some upcoming real hoverboards. You might be little surprised to know that real hoverboard is not yet available in mainstream market but they are coming soon! Companies like Zapata, Hendo Hover, Lexus are working very hard to bring a real hoverboard in mainstream market. Check them out today :

FlyBoard Air – Real Hoverboard but Not for sale

What is the price of a real Hoverboard

Best Hoverboard for Kids under 13

If you have a kid who is under 13 and wants to get a hover board then you must check out 4.5 inch Hoverboard for kids. The product is specially designed for kids and comes with protective gears like helmet and knee caps. This product charges in just 2 hours and runs for upto 20 KM in single full charge.

hoverboard for kids


Tired of riding a hoverboard? Now you can turn your self balancing scooter into a gokart using a unique product called Hoverkart. It works with 6.5 inch, 8 inch and even 10 inch hoverboards and hardly takes 2 minutes to install. It has comfortable seats suitable for long rides and comes with 2 handles making your ride safe.

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Visit our Shop to view more hoverboard and electric skateboards!

You can buy hoverboard online using our 100% secure checkout page and get free shipping. We have the most popular and high quality hoverboards available at floatingboard.com. We are the most popular hoverboard sellers online with dozens of different designs available in multiple colors. Select the one most suitable for you and place your order today to get guaranteed shipping in 7 days!

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ul 2272 certified

Most hoverboards offered on our website are UL 2272 certified, which means you will not face excessive heating and burning issues which some hoverboards are known for. 

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping and most orders within 2 working days and depending upon which state you live in, you will receive your product within 5-7 days.

Newest Technology

Currently we have board with 6.5 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch wheels. We carry the latest technology hoverboards iand offer 100% secure payments.


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