How to Make a Hoverboard – Brief Guide

Hoverboards have created a lot of buzz with their introduction in Mainstream Media. You probably guessed we mean their entrance in the Cult Classic “Back to The Future.” Since then, these boards have become a favorite of Sci-fi and Futuristic fans. Not to forget, Video games also included these boards or something that floats over cars. But, if you wanted to be creative, and don’t want to buy one instead create it yourself, then hold your horses. We got an easy recipe for How to Make a Hov... [Read More...]

Top Hoverboards of 2016

Hoverboards took the world by storm right after they popped out in the markets. There are numerous companies manufacturing these self-balancing scooters nowadays and the demand for these highly acclaimed gadgets is skyrocketing with everyday passing. The excitement and thrill offered by these gadgets make them some of the hottest toys to be bought this year. Top picks Things are settling down now and this year we are again experiencing a growth in the demand of the electric scooters. The compa... [Read More...]