free hoverboard giveaway

We are giving away free hoverboard to anyone who has a social media account and shares our website on their profiles. However there are few rules –

  • The post shared on your facebook profile with our website link must get atleast 20 Likes.
  • Twitter tweet with our website link must get atleast 5 Likes or 5 retweets.
  • Instagram picture with our website link in description must get atleast 30 likes.
  • You can share any page of our website but home page is preferred.

That’s it!

After you have shared our website on your facebook or twitter or instagram, all you have to do is email us at [email protected] along with your post Link. After one of our staff members checks your profile and confirms your eligibility, you will join the list of people who will be selected on 15th JAN 2017 through lucky draw.

We will select 10 winners who can choose any hoverboard from our shop. You will receive your free hover board within 5-7 working days.