Selena Gomez Instagram – How She Got 110 Million Followers?

Selena gomez instagram account has been in news for past few days. On 17 Febuary 2017, selena gomez broke all social media records by becoming the most followed celebrity on instagram. 24 Year old singer crossed 110 million followers and still counting. Now let us discuss the factors which made her reach this level :

Regular Posts

One of the reason that has resulted in huge number of followers is that she is a regular poster on instagram. If you posting regularly then you are more likely to retain your followers and get more likes on your pictures. Many people are not posting regular updates on their profile which can lead to less retention of your followers. So if you want to gain more followers then make sure you are posting atleast 5-6 times a week.

Animated Pictures

Wondering why your pictures are not getting as many likes as they deserve? One of the reason could be that your pictures are not eye catching. Looking at the pictures of selena gomez instagram account, you can easily notice the difference. Look at the following picture which has a lot of editing done making it look amazing-

selena gomez instagram

Adding regular videos

Many people just post pictures on instagram and never post a video. You would be surprised to know that posting videos will help you gain more followers then pictures since videos have tendency to go viral. So try to make viral videos which can get your instagram account popular faster then you think.

You can also Buy instagram followers

Not saying that selena gomez purchased instagram followers to reach 110 million followers but many celebrity have been caught in past because they “Purchased followers”. Although you can never reach huge number of followers like selena gomez unless you are a celebrity, but if you a regular joe, there are websites out there where you can buy instagram followers and increase them by thousands if not millions.

Regular shoutouts from similar instagram accounts

Since selena gomez has a lot of celebrity friends, she gets regular shoutouts from them. Other big celebrity accounts giving her a single shoutout can increase her followers count by as much as 50,000 in a single day! So if you want to gain more followers like her then try to get more shoutouts from similar accounts. This way you can gain as much as 100-1000 followers in a single day!

Viral Content

A celebrity do not need to post a viral content because what they post becomes viral because of the number of followers they have. But if you someone with not a huge following posting regular viral content will help you get more instagram followers.