iPhone 8 Black Friday 2017 Deals At Huge Discount

At floating board we are introducing iphone 8 black Friday deals just like last year. iPhone 8 which is expected to be launched in September or October in 2017 will cost anywhere between $600-1000 depending upon the model. Like last year we will offer 15% off on regular iphone prices to our customers. We buy iPhones in bulk so we are able to offer huge discounts! It makes sense to buy an iphone on a black Friday as many websites offer discounts this day. If for some reason you miss black Friday, you can also buy on cyber Monday or Christmas day. We will have iphone 8 deals live on black Friday, cyber Monday and just 1 day before Christmas.

iPhone 8 black friday deal benefits

Here are some of the benefits you receive while buying an iPhone 8 from our website :

  • 15% Off on all models
  • 100% genuine product with official warranty
  • Free iPhone 8 case with the purchase
  • $15 Cash back credited to your card

Features of upcoming iPhone 8

This year iphone 8 will be delayed by 1 month, so expected launch month is october but it will have many new features, lets talk about them: 

  • Wireless charging will become a standard feature in next iphone according to the CEO Elad Dubzinski
  • Gigabit LTE feature might be included which will make your iphone speed 10 times faster
  • Better camera quality this time, some people reported camera issues in iPhone 7 which are expected to be resolves in new model.

Other then the above mentioned benefit you get 24/7 customer support and free shipping. If you have any questions regarding this deal then feel free to get in touch using the contact form on our website!