Hoverboard 360 Review – Did You Get Scammed?

Hoverboard 360 seems to have gained popularity during christmas 2016 when they launched an advertising campaign. Looking at the website now it looks like they are sold out and not accepting any orders. There seem to be something wrong with the company since we are seeing a lot of negative reviews about them on BBB.ORG. Maybe they took money from customers and never shipped any products? Lets go through the reviews and find out the reason.

Hoverboard 360 Review

Looking at the negative reviews we came to a conclusion that there were several flaws with the company. First they did not ship quality products, one customer posted the hoverboard stopped working after 30 minutes of ride time. Second customer posted that the product never arrived on time, many received it after 20 days of placing an order. Third thing we noticed is that the company issued a recall but did not refund the money, rather allowed customers to use same amount to buy cloths from their store. Fourth and the worst thing is that they never shipped anything to many customers and kept their money.

As a hoverboard retail store, floating board can understand that some pieces of any electric product can have issues. Sometimes even delivery can be delayed. But it is very important to provide a good customer service. If you cant provide any of these then it is always better to issue full refund to the buyers. If for some reason we do not have a product that customer ordered or we believe customer is not satisfied with delivery time, we just issue them a full refund if they can send back the hoverboard.

Here is one review –

hoverboard 360

Some buyers of hoverboard 360 also posted a complaint saying that they never even received their hoverboards even after 2 months of placing order. Now this is completely unacceptable, in such cases i think buyer deserves a full refund plus the hoverboard that they ordered. We can understand 5-10 days delay but never delivering the product? It is totally unacceptable.

Here is another review customer posted about hoverboard 360 company –

hoverboard 360 scam

At floating board we take a different business approach and deliver products on time, offer quality customer support and most important deliver best hoverboards. Visit our shop to view over 30 different hoverboards available in multiple colors and designs.