Buy Hoverboard in India

Floating board has now made it’s top selling hoverboard models available in india. We have hoverboards in multiple colors like metallic gold, black, pink, blue, white and many more options. Select from the following options and proceed with the 100% secure checkout.


This is the top selling hoverboards on our website with over 10,000 pieces sold in USA alone. We have launched this product for the first time in indian market prices at just INR 13,990. Other sellers likes flipkart, snapdeal have listed the same product for over 17,000. You are getting the best and cheapest deal on floating board. FBOARD K9 charges 90% in less then 2 hours and runs for over 16 KM in single charge. Prices might increase soon due to low stocks, so order today!

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This is the most stylish looking hoverboard for sale available in india. It has slick looks and eye catching color with a really strong battery which charges in less then 2 hours. Once battery is fully charged you can travel upto 19 KM without any worries of battery getting shut down.

metallic hoverboard india



3) Hoverboard Charger

At floating board we provide you high quality certified chargers which are safe and charges your hoverboard efficiently. Prices of our chargers is below market prices since we import in bulk quantity. Safety is our number 1 priority so make sure you check out our chargers.

hoverboard charger in india

4) FBOARD K5 – Performance hoverboard (Coming in may 2017)

This product is the second biggest seller in USA and UK with over 5,000 sales. Product comes with LED LITE, Remote control, Key chain and a free carry bag. This product is currently not available in india but in may 2017 it will be available to Indian customers. So stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to get notification when this product is live.

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